A red and silver award badge from EscapeTheRoomers honoring Aftermath with an award for Best Set Design in an Escape Room.


👤 2*-8 Players | 🎯 Difficulty:Intermediate/Expert | ⏳ 60 Min

Surviving the apocalypse isn’t easy, but someone’s got to do it. You made the smart choice and aligned with a local militia, ensuring safety for you and your family. But the free ride had to end sometime, and now you’ve been assigned a top secret mission in the Wastelands. Gather your supplies, rally the team, and try your best to avoid causing the end of the world— again.

Your team has 60 minutes to protect your assigned base from enemy factions, wasteland marauders, and any other threat the apocalypse has to throw at you. Will you succeed in completing your mission, or will you help push humanity into extinction once and for all?

WARNING: Aftermath uses a variety of in-game effects including colored lighting, flashing lights, video displays, and sound effects that may be unsuitable for players with medical photo-sensitivity or sensory processing disorders. Please contact us before booking if you would like to discuss any concerns regarding lighting and audio effects.

Options available for your Game Experience:
Public Games
Players are mixed with other groups (All Players must wear a Mask regardless of vaccination status)
Private Games
Booking privately means you’ll only play with the people you bring. (Per the CDC Guidelines if you are Fully Vaccinated you may remove your mask once in the room)
*Players under 10 years of age are not allowed to play or enter the game space for any reason. Players under 18 years of age MUST be accompanied by at least one adult player for the duration of the game. Bookings that do not observe these guidelines may be denied entry and will not be issued a refund. Please review our Rules and Cancelations page for our full cancelation policy.
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For large groups: Spellbound games are designed for up to 8 players, but special accommodations may be made for groups up to 10 (groups exceeding 10 must reserve multiple rooms to accommodate all players.) To add additional players, complete booking and payment for the desired time and date, then Contact our Event Concierge using the form provided to add additional spaces. Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis; if you do not pre-book your desired date and time before contacting us we cannot guarantee availability.
Need a different day or time? Contact us to request booking a game outside standard operating hours, including Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday games.