Check out our FAQ section below for everything you need to know about your visit to Spellbound. Is there something we haven’t covered? Send us your question and our Gamemaster will be in touch soon.

About the Game

What is Spellbound?

It’s a game! It’s a story! It’s a fully-immersive experience like nothing you’ve ever done before!

Spellbound’s escape rooms and adventure games offer a fun, interactive, live-action narrative experience similar to a tabletop RPG or video game.

First, you’ll be introduced to your Gamemaster, who will guide you through your experience and provide hints if necessary. Your Gamemaster will bring you to your game room and explain the story you are about to play through. You’ll be assigned an objective (or multiple objectives) and will need to work together with your group to explore the world around you, discover clues, complete tasks, and solve puzzles or other challenges. Complete your objectives in 60 minutes or less and you win!

Is it scary?

No, Spellbound’s games are not scary. There are no jump scares or live actors in the room with you. Some games may have intense sound or lighting effects to increase the tension at key moments in the story.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. Your safety is our top priority. If you feel unsafe at any time during your experience please notify your Gamemaster immediately. Players behaving in a way that endangers themselves or other players in their group will be removed from the game immediately without a refund.

Some games may use flashing lights or intense sound effects. Games are operated using electronic devices and wireless signals throughout the environment. If you have a medical condition prohibiting exposure to these conditions, such as epilepsy or a pacemaker, please speak to your Gamemaster or contact us before making your reservation at info@spellboundescapes.com.

Is it physically challenging?

No, anyone can play this game, it is not physically demanding. Some tasks or puzzles may require you to bend over, look up, or move through simulated challenges. Some games may require you to listen, look, or perform a specific physical movement. We strive to comply with ADA requirements and regulations, and do our best to modify games to be accessible for all players as needed.

Can I play in a wheelchair?

Yes! We strive to comply with ADA requirements and regulations, and do our best to modify games to be accessible for all players as needed. If a player in your party is using a wheelchair or has any other accessibility concerns, please contact us via phone, email, or Facebook messenger prior to booking so we can prepare any special arrangements necessary to ensure your entire group has a fun and exciting adventure! 

Am I smart enough to play this?

Well, I think so! You’re already here, that’s pretty smart– isn’t it?

No outside knowledge is required— you’ll have everything you need to win provided in the course of the game. Our escape rooms and adventures may utilize outside knowledge in ways that enhance the narrative experience (like Easter eggs) but are never required to complete any in-game objective and won’t prevent someone without that knowledge from winning the game.

What if we need help during the game?

Our helpful Gamemasters are prepared to give small clues and hints to help if you feel stuck. Before you begin your Gamemaster will provide instructions to ensure a safe and successful game experience. Your Gamemaster will be monitoring every minute of your game attentively, ready to provide a helpful hint if you get stuck.

Are we really locked in?

No, there is always an exit that remains unlocked in case of emergencies. You are allowed to leave and re-enter your game at will. Your timer will keep running whether you’re playing or not so we strongly recommend you don’t leave the room during the game unless it is completely necessary! 

When should I arrive?

We recommend you arrive 15 minutes before the start of your game time. Your timer begins at the scheduled time whether you have arrived or not, showing up early ensures you’ll have enough time to complete the full game experience. 

Will there be other people in the room with us?

For the safety and comfort of all our guests and staff we offer both public and private game sessions. Public games are strictly limited to 8 players per session; private games may be increased to 10 by contacting us AFTER your booking has been made.

It is possible (but difficult!) for as few as 2 players to successfully complete our games. 

We do not use live actors in any of our games, so there are no surprises to look out for– at least, not when it comes to unexpected guests! 

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Booking & Reservations

How much is admission?

Individual tickets are $40/each + tax. Private rates start at $250 + tax* and vary based on group size.


*These prices are subject to change without notice, and may be affected by any promotions, discounts, or special offers at the discretion of Spellbound Escapes.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Card. A game room cannot be reserved without payment.

Cash payment is accepted on walk-in games; cash-only groups may be asked to leave a credit card on file.

At this time we are unable to accept Foxwoods reward points, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Can children come to Spellbound?

Children under 6 years of age are not allowed to enter Spellbound game rooms. This includes infants or toddlers in strollers and carriers. Spellbound is safe for all players, but our sets and props are not designed for young children. Challenging puzzles, dramatic storylines, and light and sound effects may be too intense for some  children, and each game has its own distinct age recommendations.

Aftermath is recommended for players ages 10+.

The Temple of the Laughing God is recommended for anyone ages 6+.

Players under 18 are welcome, but must be accompanied by at least one adult during gameplay. All players must complete a waiver before participating. Any players under 18 years of age must have their waiver completed by a parent or guardian on their behalf.

Unattended minors are not permitted at Spellbound under any circumstances. 

How do I reserve a game?

You can reserve your game 24 hours a day at spellboundescapes.com, or by calling 860-222-8424 during operating hours. Select the game you’d like to play, choose your date and time, and complete payment. You’ll receive a confirmation email and digital receipt, along with a link to complete your digital waiver prior to your arrival. All reservations must be pre-paid, see Rules and Cancelations for more info. 

Each game takes up to 60 minutes, but we recommend you arrive 15 minutes before your reservation to ensure you’ll have as much time in the game as possible. 

Last call for phone and website booking is 60 minutes before scheduled start time, or 15 minutes before start time for in-person and walk-in booking.

How many people can play at once?

Our standard games are designed for 2-8* players. Need to bring more friends? Sounds like a party! Visit our Special Events page to schedule a special event for groups of 9 players or more!

*Private Games may add up to 2 additional tickets for a total of 10 players. Exceeding the maximum recommended team size may affect the length of your game experience. To add additional players, book your desired time with the 8-person maximum, then contact us to add extra spaces.

What is your cancelation policy?

Player admission is non-refundable. Please see our Rules and Cancelations Policy before making your reservation. 

When are you open?

Hours of Operation:       


10am – 8:30pm


1pm – 7:30pm


1pm – 7:30pm




1pm – 7:30pm


11:30am – 9pm


10am – 10pm

*Special events, private games, and corporate teambuilding may be scheduled outside standard hours, please visit our Special Events page for details.

Didn’t manage to get the time you wanted? Reach out to us and we’ll do our best to accommodate with special off-hours booking or even our Top Secret Waiting List.


Are Corporate Bookings available?

Escape rooms are a fun, safe way to develop problem-solving dynamics and build stronger bonds among coworkers. Visit our Special Events page to contact our Events Concierge and customize the teambuilding event that’s right for your group.

Does Spellbound host private parties?

Yes! We love to celebrate, from birthdays to bachelorette parties we’d be happy to help you plan your special event. Visit our Special Events page to contact our Events Concierge.

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Rules and Policies

Are mobile phones permitted?

No, the use of electronic devices is prohibited inside the room, including phones, cameras, tablets, or smartwatches.

Can I take pictures?

Feel free to snap away in our lobby, but please note that the use of digital devices for video or photography is prohibited inside game rooms or during gameplay

If you’d like to create a photo souvenir from your game, check out our Memory Maker instant camera add-on for a unique way to bring a piece of the adventure home with you! Ask your Gamemaster for details.


What are the rules?

The most important rule is to follow all safety and gameplay rules provided by your Gamemaster, and pay attention to any additional instructions you may receive during the game. Ignoring or disobeying rules may force us to end your game immediately and without refund.

Damage incurred by disregarding these rules or the instructions of the Gamemaster may result in additional charges for repair or replacement of props or sets. Players that cause damage requiring a game to be closed for a period of time may be held accountable for the full ticket value of lost game sessions. 

Please see our Rules and Cancelations Policy for more information. 

What happens if I’m late?

The clock starts at the appointed hour, so you’ll have less time to play if you’re late. After 10 minutes late, a group is considered a no-show and their reservation will be canceled. Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance (including no-show) will not be issued a refund. Last call for walk-in booking is 15 minutes before scheduled start time.

Can I bring outside food or drinks?

No outside food or drinks are allowed in game rooms, with the exception of water in spill-proof containers.

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What is the difference between an escape room and an adventure game?

A traditional escape game is about just that— escape! Generally, the premise involves players being trapped or locked in a space, with the main objective being to get out.

In our adventure games, the objective may not have anything to do with being trapped in a room. Maybe you need to find a treasure, solve a mystery, or reveal a secret. Adventure games are just a broader version of escape rooms, with more emphasis on the narrative and cinematic quality of the experience. 

Do you use VR?

Nope! Your experience is real, hands-on, and immersive. You’ll interact with hand-crafted props and sets made lovingly by our awesome team of artist, designers, and fabricators. No VR or virtual reality gear is required to play.

Media Inquiries & Reviews

We’re excited to see the dedication of our enthusiast community as the escape game industry grows! We welcome reviewers to come check out our game, but to keep things fair to everyone we do not offer special discounts, free games, or other ‘perks’ in exchange for reviews. 

Media tours are available by appointment; appropriate local or regional credentials are required. Media tours do not include full game play.