Battle of the Brains II:

Gods Among Gamemasters

a competition for world’s greatest gamemaster

Spellbound’s gamemasters are the best in the business. They’ve got enthusiasm for exploration, a longing for unlocking, a craving for clues— but only one can rule supreme!

The Greatest Gamemaster has one special thing that makes them rise above all the rest— and that special something is the relentless drive to provide world-class service every single day. 

Cast your vote today by including your Gamemaster’s name in a 5-star review to let us know who helped make your Spellbound experience a truly memorable event!

Nate – God of Vitality

Armed with his life-giving elixir, Nate inspires an extra burst of energy that helps players cross the finish line before time runs out. His enthusiasm motivates everyone to do their best, especially when it’s time to celebrate!

Amanda – Goddess of Chaos

Amanda’s gamemaster style shows players that chaos and control are truly two sides of the same coin. If you’re feeling jumbled and confused, Amanda’s quick thinking will help you get back on track.

Shannon –  Goddess of Night

Our returning Battle of the Brains champion, Shannon rules over the night sky. With her calm demeanor and masterful clues, this goddess of night shines a light to aid teams when they are completely in dark. 

Elaine – Goddess of The Hunt

Elaine brings the skills of the Huntress to her teams, ensuring that no stone is left unturned and helping to follow the trail when clues become too puzzling. If answers are eluding your team, Elaine will guide your aim.

Christian – God of Shadows

When Christian is at the helm, a smooth game is in your future. His light touch and expert instinct for what to reveal can make your team’s win seem effortless, no matter how many hints you actually need.

Cooper – God of the Moon

Cooper is the god of the moon, pulling back the curtain of night to reveal the way forward. With his calm and helpful demeanor, Cooper is always happy to help teams find their way, even when the path is unclear.

Every 5-star review that mentions one of our incredible game masters is a vote for them to win! Just make sure you let us know who impressed you— we need to know your GM’s name for your vote to count!