Small businesses are a vital part of the community and it’s important to show them some love. It may surprise you to learn that Spellbound Escapes is a small business, too! This Small Business Saturday, show your support for all the little companies out there striving to provide quality services and products.

Here are five simple ways you can get involved:

1. Shop locally – Buy gifts for family and friends from small businesses in your area. This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it can be tough to ignore the convenience of big online businesses. Think outside the box when it comes to holiday shopping, and focus on the unique gifts and experiences that can only be found locally.

2. Grab a gift card – Even if you don’t have an immediate need for the items a small business sells, purchase a gift card to show your support. Gift cards are a perfect one-size-fits-all option for just about anyone on your list. You never know when you’ll need a gift for someone at the last minute!

3. Tell a friend – Spread the word about a small business you love. If you’re given a referral code for discounts, make sure to share it with friends and tell others about your great experience!

4. Leave a review – Write an honest and positive review of your favorite small business on Google or other public platforms so potential customers know what a great experience you had. Be specific, and tell people exactly why you love that business so much.

5. Share their posts – Reshare posts by local businesses you follow on social media. This is a great way to show your love for local places and get the word out about how awesome they are!

These small actions can make a big difference in the success of small businesses, so why not do what you can to support them? Show your appreciation and help sustain the vibrancy of our local communities by shopping small today!

From all of us at Spellbound, thank you for your support today and always. Happy Small Business Saturday!

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