An escape room is a live-action game that challenges participants to solve puzzles and complete tasks. Traditionally, escape rooms are physical spaces where players enter a themed room and must use their wits and teamwork to find hidden clues and ultimately “escape” before time runs out. 

These puzzles can include physical obstacles and tasks, riddles and clues that require critical thinking skills, or more complex multi-linear challenges that involve reasoning and logic. While many people associate escape rooms with cheesy horror movies and jump scares, the industry has evolved beyond the basic locked-room premise.

How Is Spellbound Different From A Typical Escape Room?

At Spellbound, we take escape games to the next level by incorporating state-of-the-art technology and special effects into our immersive adventure rooms. Our unique blend of physical and digital elements creates a one-of-a-kind experience where you’ll be immersed in a rich storyline as you work your way through mind-bending puzzles and challenges.

What discoveries await in these ancient ruins?

gFor first time players the idea of being locked in a room full of puzzles may sound like something out of a horror movie, so let’s break down the basics:

The Top 3 Questions for First Time Escape Room Players Ask…

Are We Really Locked Inside?

All of Spellbound’s games are designed to simulate exciting or potentially dangerous scenarios, but your safety is always our first priority. The biggest secret about our games is that the entrance is never, ever locked. If you feel like you need to take a break or want to leave the room for any reason, our gamemasters are always nearby and happy to assist.

What if I Get Stuck?

If you find yourself stuck on a puzzle, don’t worry! Your gamemaster can provide hints and clues to help you progress. We want you to enjoy the challenge of our puzzles without feeling frustrated, so we’ll do everything we can to help you escape. Of course, hints are only offered if you ask for them!

Just remember, your gamemaster isn’t your adversary, they’re your coach! We want to see everyone beat the clock and win the game, but we’re only here to assist– you still have to earn that win!

How Long Do The Games Last?

Our games are designed to be completed in 60 minutes or less, but some groups may finish sooner depending on their level of experience. A race against the clock is part of the fun, so even if you don’t finish within the hour, we’ll still applaud your team for their work and do our best to send everyone home with a smile on their face.

Do you have what it takes to survive?

What Is The Best Way To Prepare For My First Escape Game?

Each escape room is different. Some escape games require physical dexterity and agility, while others rely more on critical thinking and problem-solving skills. At Spellbound, our adventure rooms are designed to give players a well-rounded experience by combining both mental challenge and physical action, but no special skills or knowledge are required. Everything you need to win is already in the room!

Don’t forget to check the challenge rating before you book your game. One of the biggest misconceptions about escape games is that a harder game is a better game, but that’s just not true! Pick a game with a difficulty level that matches your experience level to ensure a fun game without too much frustration. Ain’t no shame in an “easy” game!

The most important way to prepare is to relax, bring friends, and remember that this is a game and we’re all here to have fun! No need to study or train physically for a game– just check out these escape room tips from our gamemasters and remember to keep a cool head.

Why Is Spellbound Escapes The Best Place For First Time Players?

Spellbound Escapes has games for small or large groups, making it the perfect activity for family fun, date night, team building, or a group outing. Our escape games are also great for parties and special events!

Whether you’re looking for a fun night out with friends and family or a corporate team-building activity, Spellbound has the perfect escape room adventure for you!

From seasoned escape room enthusiasts to first-timers, our live-action adventure rooms offer something for everyone. We can’t wait to show you what an escape room is all about! So what are you waiting for? Come see what all the hype is about, and book your Spellbound adventure today!

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